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How does Matcha support detoxification of the body?

Does it help, and how?

Matcha-style detoxification is literally ‘made in the shade’- Matcha Green Tea is carefully grown in shaded plots toward the end of the growing cycle. To compensate for the sparse light conditions, the plant produces a high chlorophyll content to support photosynthesis. Because only the most pristine, youthful leaves are picked and ground whole into a fine powder, all of the chlorophyll is delivered to the body as an amazing and potent detoxifier. Vibrantly green, powdered Matcha helps to rid the body of toxic chemical and heavy metal buildup. Chlorophyll has also been reported to have an antioxidant and antibacterial effect, as well as an alkalinizing effect. If it’s cleansing you want, green is the color of vibrant health!

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How does Matcha support detoxification of the body?