Mint Condition

Give your body the fuel it wants and recovery it needs to be in mint condition from everyday life to training for an athletic event. This powerful blend contains BõKU Super Fuel which is filled with high potency super adaptors (a food or plant that helps the body adapt to stress) and energizing phytonutrients to speed recovery. Triple source vegan Super Protein is readily available for your body to utilize for muscle growth and health.


1 cup Spinach (frozen (or 2 cups fresh)
1 cup Almond milk
2 scoop BõKU Super Fuel
2 scoop BõKU Super Protein
1 oz. BõKU Cacao Nibs
3 pinch de-stemmed mint leaves
4 count Ice cubes of coconut water or regular water


1. Gather your ingredients together inside a blender (pour liquids in first to avoid clumping of any powders). Press blend, and enjoy!