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Red Velvet Smoothie

The RED VELVET smoothie, inspired by red velvet cake batter, not only tastes deliciously dessert-like, but contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, minerals and energy boosting super foods. Your body will also be enjoying a dose of potassium, magnesium, iron, dietary fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids with this delectable blend.

1 Serving


-3 tbsp Boku Super Fuel
-1 count Banana
-1 tbsp Boku Super Cacao Nibs
-1/2 count Small Beet, Peeled
-1 tbsp Cashews
-1 tsp Chia Seeds
-1 cup Almond or Coconut Milk


1) Add all ingredients into a high powered blender. Blend until smooth (30 seconds).

*If you desire a low calorie option, do not include the Coconut Oil or Dates.

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Red Velvet Smoothie | Energy Boosting Super Foods