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  • Summer Peach Super Spritzer

    Bubbly, refreshing, and packed full of antioxidants thanks to the Boku Super Berries, we can't get enough of this sweet summer cocktail. Prep Time:...
  • S'mores Protein Shake

    Our S'mores Protein Shake is so delish, you will forget it is actually good for you too! Boku Chocolate Super Protein is made from plant-based prot...
  • Horchata Protein Shake

    This quick and easy take on classic Horchata adds an extra kick of energy to your day thanks to the Boku Super Protein! Serves: 1  Ingredients:  - ...
  • Hot Matcha Green Tea Latte

    First consumed during China’s Tsang dynasty and later brought to Japan by priests and monks, the famous legacy of Matcha Green Tea has been befittingly earned. This hot latte is a modern spin on its royal beginning, when the tea was simply mixed with hot water and sipped out of a hand crafted bowl.

  • PB & J Protein Smoothie

    Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned PB&J sandwich? We love them so much we created a protein smoothie version so we can chow down (or slurp!)

  • Make It All Butter

    This powerful smoothie features our award-winning energy formula, Super Fuel. Originally designed specifically for elite athletes, Super Fuel is an all organic energy powder brimming with super adaptor phytonutrients that are perfect for anyone looking for an extra spring in their step.

  • Berry Happy

    This antioxidant filled smoothie doesn’t have “happy” in its name by accident. The antioxidants in berries fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals, talk about creating a happy body!

  • Boku Pumpkin Smoothie

    This rich and creamy smoothie has the taste of fall, but can be enjoyed any season! An enticing favorite, this smoothie has almost no fat, but hits the spot with its creamy and thick consistency.

  • BōKU Protein Balanced Shake

    This smoothie was specifically designed to maintain a balanced protein and carb combo to keep your body kicked into high gear. The perfect solution for those who love the blended treats but are watching their calorie intake, this balanced smoothie can easily replace a full meal due to its savvy combination of protein and vitamins (from Super Protein and Super Food!).

  • Fruity Veggie Smoothie

    Big leafy greens aren’t just for salads anymore. Put away your salad bowl, grab your blender, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

  • Carrot Cake Smoothie

    The Carrot Cake smoothie with a flavor profile that mimics the popular cake is a delicious and highly nutritious alternative to the dessert.

  • Heidi’s Samana Smoothie

    Here’s a healthy green drink recipe courtesy of Heidi Robb. Visit Heidi Robb's website for more Culinary Media. Note: Samana is a Sanskrit name for one of the five main pranas which are responsible for bringing nourishment and balance to all parts of the body.