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Matcha Green Tea- Sweetened

Matcha Green Tea- Sweetened
<p>This is not your regular matcha. Rather, it&#39;s a sweet spin on an old secret - Our matcha contains the most bioavailable and organic, whole leaf green tea powder, with a sweet twist (Organic Cane Sugar). It&#39;s super easy to make in your on-the-go lifestyle; just add water, your favorite plant-based milk or add as a booster to your smoothie!</p> <p><strong>WHAT IS MATCHA?&nbsp;</strong>Matcha is a whole leaf green tea powder with powerful antioxidants. It can be enjoyed alone as a hot or cold tea, or added to your smoothie for an energy boost.</p> <p><strong>BOKU IS BETTER.&nbsp;</strong>Our Boku Super Matcha is handpicked from the mountains of Japan, widely considered the finest Matcha Green Tea available. Our green tea leaves are also shade-grown (like coffee) away from the sun, decreasing photosynthesis, increasing&nbsp;<strong>chlorophyll&nbsp;</strong>and&nbsp;<strong>amino acid</strong>&nbsp;content.</p> <p><strong>QUICK FACTS.</strong></p> <ul> <li>Whole Leaf Green Tea Powder (not your average seeping tea)&nbsp;</li> <li>Delivers wonderful&nbsp;<strong>L-THEANINE&nbsp;</strong>and&nbsp;<strong>ANTIOXIDANTS</strong></li> <li>Perfect low calorie, NUTRIENT delivering beverage</li> </ul> <p><strong>FOR THE HISTORY BUFFS.&nbsp;</strong>Matcha has been enjoyed for its energy-enhancing properties for centuries. Back then, Matcha was reserved for royalty ONLY, earning the title of &ldquo;Emperor&rsquo;s Tea.&rdquo;</p>

Customer Reviews

Jay M.


I think I love this stuff! I have energy all day. I don't get lethargic and sleepy after I eat anymore. I've lost weight AND my double chin. I no longer need to take my hydrochloric acid pills after eating. I've only been taking this for about 2 months and I'm not really sure what's happening but whatever it is, I love it. Nothing has changed except taking this drink every morning. VERY HAPPY!

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