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<p><strong>The famous, the original, &quot;Superfood&quot; powder.</strong></p> <p><strong>Imagine eating 55 different organic superfoods at once.&nbsp;</strong>Sounds impossible, right? We dehydrated and powdered over 55 superfood ingredients into an easy-to-use powder. Making it possible (and easy) to fuel your body with life enhancing superfoods.</p> <p><strong>Award winning formula.&nbsp;</strong>This&nbsp;product should be the foundation and building block of your Boku&nbsp;Journey. This specialized formula contains&nbsp;55 organic superfood ingredients&nbsp;that each serve an important physiological function.</p> <p><strong>The world&#39;s most powerful and potent plants.</strong>&nbsp;Formulated&nbsp;precisely for the human mind, body, and spirit, this superfood<strong>&nbsp;</strong>formula contains all the nutrients you need for the day, all in one place.</p> <p><strong>Quick facts.</strong></p> <ul> <li>The 28.2 oz has about 90 servings and the 9.4 oz has about 30 servings.&nbsp;</li> <li>Formulated by a Naturopathic Medical Doctor</li> <li>Award-winning superfood&nbsp;formula</li> <li>Highly concentrated nutrition</li> <li>Conducive to an active lifestyle</li> </ul> <p>HOW TO USE</p> <p>One scoop of BōKU Super Food added to your favorite non-dairy liquid &ndash; it&rsquo;s that easy. Shake it up, drink it down, and experience how good&nbsp;it feels to be fueled by natures gifts to mankind.</p> <p>It&rsquo;s your best day, every day, the way Mother Nature intended!</p> <p><strong><em>Benefits&nbsp;</em></strong></p> <ul> <li>PH Balancing greens&nbsp;from land &amp; sea</li> <li>Medicinal&nbsp;mushrooms</li> <li>Super Sprouts</li> <li>Super berries &amp; exotic fruits</li> <li>Probiotics and enzymes</li> <li>Vegan, Organic, Kosher</li> <li>Gluten-Free</li> </ul>

Customer Reviews

Glenda W.


I am a true believer in BoKu Superfood! I am a regular person...62 year old wife, mom and grammy. I am active (busy) but not an athlete. I'd say my diet is above average on the nutritional spectrum, but it's nothing to write home about. About 18 months ago, I had a bad cold that I couldn't shake. I'd had some BoKu on my shelf longer than I'd like to admit, and I decided to finally start drinking it to see if it would make a difference. At that time, I also realized that I had two infected teeth due to a food trap that is very difficult to keep perfectly clean. This, however, wasn't on my mind regarding the BoKu...just the bad cold. My cold did resolve itself, as they usually do, but toward the end of the 3 month supply, I realized one day that I no longer felt the constant throbbing of the infection in the food trap. That night when I brushed my teeth, I probed around to see how it felt. I'd have to say that what was about an 8 in sensitivity (and knowing I'd need to go to the dentist) was now about a 2. I kept a real close eye on the infection. I ordered another 3 month supply. My tooth is completely healed, and I attribute it to the BoKu...because teeth don't just decide to heal themselves and I'd not changed anything else in my diet, nor had I gone to the dentist. I've also been taking vitamins for decades and have never had any experience like this one. I pitched the vitamins, except for D in the winter. It's usual that I get a doozy of something at least once a year, but since taking BoKu Superfood, not one thing has developed beyond the signs of a symptom or two several times in the last 20 months or so! And that was even in a new job in a middle school...I wasn't sick one time! I'm a true believer in the product and I tell everyone I know! The 3 month supply on auto-ship works out to be just over $30 a month that gets added to my grocery bill. Pretty good deal if you ask me! Thank you BoKu team!

Dominique B.


My personal favorite is the super food powder! It is an organic nutrient powder containing a proprietary blend of fruits, veggies, probiotics and enzymes! How amazing! I added this to my breakfast smoothie this morning and I am so excited to nourish my body with this amazing product!

A. C.


After water, I would have BoKu Superfood in my emergency kit. I try to have it every day. My father takes it too!

Theresa G.


Ive been using Boku Superfood for a full month now and am amazed at how I feel already. I have healthy habits/lifestyle and felt good before I started using Boku, but cant get over how much better AND energetic I feel.

Adele B.


I am a nutritionist so eat quite well, with plenty of fruits and vegetables in my diet. However, I have been affected permanently with little red spots on my face which will appear either on my forehead or my nose or cheek and is very unpleasant. When I finally mentioned it to my doctor he called it Rosacea. He suggested a treatment, but it made no difference. When I read on the net about the wonders of Boku:tm: superfood, I decided to try it because of all the nutrients contained in it. I started taking 1-2 measures per day in water or fruit juice, and after about 5 days I noticed that I had no fresh outbreak of spots and the already existing ones were clearing up, which was fairly incredible. I stopped taking the Boku:tm: superfood for 10 days over the Christmas holidays, and the spots came back. When I resumed taking it again, they returned. I am now sure that it is the Boku:tm: superfood that has done the trick and am very grateful. If the complexion of my face is so much better, the possibility is that the whole of my body is in better shape too.

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