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  • Banana Peanut Delight

    They say nothing goes better together than peanut butter and jelly, but what about peanut butter and bananas? We think it is a pretty tight competition, and we’re sure Elvis would agree! For best results with this delicious smoothie, use an organic, no added sugar peanut butter.

  • October Smoothie Recipe Winner

    Here is a smoothie made with BõKU® Super Food that will give you something to wake up to. It tastes great and give you energy ALL DAY!

  • Keep It Green Sunrise Drink

    With coconut, mango and banana as the leading flavor profiles of this smoothie, you may find yourself daydreaming about a tropical vacation. Zesty and vibrant, this smoothie makes a great breakfast to kick start your day.

  • Berry Banana Smoothie

    An absolute “classic” smoothie taste you’d find at your favorite smoothie or juice bar; this Berry Banana Smoothie will give the pros a run for their money!

  • Bee Real Smoothie

    We are not surprised that there is such a buzz about bee pollen these days, we love this beautiful gift of nature! These tiny little golden beads contain protein and valuable amino acids such as phenylalanine and choline.

  • Mint Condition

    Give your body the fuel it wants and recovery it needs to be in mint condition from everyday life to training for an athletic event. This powerful blend contains BõKU Super Fuel which is filled with high potency super adaptors (a food or plant that helps the body adapt to stress) and energizing phytonutrients to speed recovery.

  • Berry Good Protein Smoothie Bowl

    Smoothie bowls are all the rage. Our Berry Good Smoothie bowl is not only delish, but thanks to Boku Super Protein, this tasty treat will provide you with long-lasting energy for the whole day. Plus, adding in our tasty and sweet Super Berries will give your body the anti-oxidant boost it craves.


  • Toasted Coconut Berry Bowl

    This fast smoothie bowl can be made with whatever fresh or frozen berries you have on hand. Just don't forget the Toasted Coconut Chips!


  • Super Strawberry Mojito

    We put a superfood twist on this classic summer cocktail by adding muddled strawberries and Boku Super Berries to the mix. Prepare for this to be y...
  • Super Raspberry Lemonade

    Our Raspberry Lemonade is refreshing and flavorful with an added boost of antioxidants from the 10 different superfood fruits contained in our Boku...
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate

    Three words: Frozen Hot Chocolate. Sounds like an oxymoron, taste like actual heaven. We really knocked it out of the park with this vegan recipe c...
  • Delicious AND Nutritious Summer Recipes!

    Ahh, finally - it's summertime, and the living is easy! That floaty, relaxed vibe is certainly in the air, as well as renewed excitement for all the glorious possibilities that life has to offer! We sure are feelin' it.