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How To Transform Coffee Into A Delicious Superfood Powerhouse

Can't quit coffee? Then transform an ordinary cup of it into a superfood powerhouse by adding these potent anti-inflammatory spices and immune-boosting, stress-busting ingredients.

What Is Umami Seasoning & Why Are Foodies Nuts About It?

You've heard of umami but do you know exactly what it is? What's behind this foodie sensation and umami seasonings that have sprouted up in supermarkets across the country?

The BoKU Beginners Guide To Superfoods: What Are They & Which Ones Are The Best?

Every food is a superfood these days. But what truly separates a plant-based superfood from marketing hype? Learn the definition of a superfood and examples of both common and exotic ones.

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL: What’s Behind The TikTok Trend?

It’s good to see kids doing something healthy.  Drinking liquid chlorophyll is one of the biggest trends on TikTok, ...

Great Mother's & Father's Day Gift-Giving Ideas: Superfood Powder Makes The List

BōKU Superfood Powder made Second Opinion Magazine's May/June 2021 issue, featuring the best gift-giving ideas for mo...

How Extremely Busy Executives Make Time To Be Great Parents: An Interview with BōKU Superfood Founders, Lynn and Reno Rolle, Sr.

The founders of BōKU Superfood, Lynn and Reno Rolle, Sr., are featured on Medium's Authority Magazine, dispensing tips and advice on how to be a present, fully-conscious parent despite maintaining a jam-packed schedule. 

Magical Matcha: Why Green Matcha Tea Is The Healthiest Tea On The Planet

Simply put, matcha is a powdered green tea, but there is much more to the story. In preparation for harvest, the green tea leaves are protected from direct sunlight, allowing the leaves to produce L-Theanine (more about this otherworldly compound later), and to boost up its levels of chloryphyll - that's why it's as green as rich, dark moss. 

Best & Worst Foods For Minimizing Springtime Allergies

Spring flowers are a delight to behold and a respite from the long dreary winter. But allergies can keep you inside for longer. Here's the best and worst foods for springtime allergies.

Don’t Eat More Than This Many Grams Of Sugar Per Day If You Want To Be Healthy

Food labels by law are required to now include added sugars. But the new labeling does little to inform people how much total sugar they should consume in one day. Here's how many grams of sugar you should max out per day...

The Liver Gets All The Hype, But If You Need A Detox, Focus On This Organ Too

Detoxification is a very complex process, one which many people believe that the liver is solely responsible for. But if you neglect this important organ, doing a liver detox may not help.

BōKU Immunity & Respiratory Wellness Products Featured In Forbes

An article published yesterday at, authored by style & beauty editor Anna Haines, highlights some of t...

Is going gluten free necessary for optimal health?

Gluten-free diets are still one of the biggest health trends. But unless you have a severe allergy to it, is it necessary to avoid wheat proteins for optimal health?
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