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Nutritional Yeast: No, It Won't Give You A Yeast Infection & It's Good For You!

Nutritional yeast is loaded with B vitamins, minerals, is 100% vegan, and has a nutty, earthy, cheesy taste. It's a great substitute for highly-processed cheese.

What Is Glyphosate And Is It Bad For Your Health?

You may have heard the term "glyphosate" but what exactly is it and why has it become such a huge health topic? Virtually all food in the U.S. food supply contains it, so you may as well learn about it....

The Main Reason Some Probiotic Supplements May Be A Waste of Money

Many people take probiotic supplements in order to improve gut health, which is directly linked to immune system function. But are probiotic supplements effective? They aren't if you're not getting enough of this critical nutrient....
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